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Information for students on using LaneDrive

Last Updated: May 31st, 2022

LaneDrive for Students

LaneDrive is network storage for students on Lane Community College campus servers. LaneDrive is a drive letter ( N:, Y:, Z:) that is pointed to a network resource. The most common letter students will see is N:. The student's L number will display next to the N:. Data may be stored on this drive from the beginning of a term until the last day of finals and accessible from any PC on campus. It is tied to each students L# and is visible only by the person logged in.

For students logging in using their L# and password on LCC campus Windows 10 computers, the network drive shows up as a drive option when saving, or opening files. There is also a shortcut on the desktop. To access, double-click on the folder labeled Assign/Drop; saved files can be dropped into this location.

On Apple Macintosh computers, and personal laptops, files may be accessed using a web browser and entering  into the address bar.

A screen will pop up for you to enter your L# and ExpressLane password.
In each student's LaneDrive desktop is a link to "Assign/Drop" folder which contains folders for any classes using the assign/drop system.

First image: Mac Second image : PC

Please remember that all data you save to the N: drive will be deleted at the end of the term. To keep your data, it must be backed up to a flash drive or private cloud storage by the end of the term. You may also back data up to the Google drive space available through LCC gmail and this space will be available 4 terms after your last active term.

Contact the Student Help Desk (SHeD) for assistance

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