Retrieving a Temporary ExpressLane Password

This is for new students who want to receive a temporary ExpressLane password

Last Updated: May 31st, 2022

When a student registers online at LCC, the student must supply an email address so that Enrollment Services ( can send the L number and temporary password to the student. This email address is recorded in the student's ExpressLane account.

When the student claims GSuite, the email address supplied by the student for enrollment purposes, will be moved to an alternative email status. Either LCC gmail address or the alternative email address may be used to retrieve a temporary ExpressLane password when the student has forgotten a password and the security questions do not work.

Expect the temporary ExpressLane password to arrive as an email, in either you GSuite OR personal email, from Enrollment Services within 30 minutes.

Student Help Desk Support (SHeD)

The student help desk is located on main campus in the Library (center building).

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