What are CRNs and course numbers?

Explanation of Course Reference Numbers (CRNs)

Last Updated: May 31st, 2022

The CRN (Course Reference Number) is a five-digit number that identifies a specific section of a course. 

The first number in the CRN is the term for the course:

  • 1 - summer
  • 2 - fall
  • 3 - winter
  • 4 - spring

The rest of the number identifies the class and instructor.

Course Numbers:

Course number can be reused term by term and are used to identify the content covered in a course. 

  • Credit courses have a course number that includes letters and numbers (e.g. WR 121, ART 115).
  • Pre-college credit courses have course numbers below 100, and do not transfer to a 4-year institution.
  • Non-credit course numbers have letters and numbers in the format XART 5785. The "X" before the subject and the four-digit numbers identify the course as non-credit.

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