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Google Blogger: how to troubleshoot it and where to find more information

Last Updated: May 31st, 2022

What is Google Blogger?

Google Blogger is Google's blogging software. You can create, read, and manage your blog through Google's interface.
You can create a blog with your student email account.

All you'll have to do is go to and click on the Create Blog in the middle of the page. It'll prompt you to go through the steps of creating your blog. After that, to access it, you'll just have to click on Sign In to go to your blogs. 

Can I create an account with my student email?


Where can I learn more?

Go to to learn how to create a blog and more.


Unable to log in?

If you can't log into the blog site, make sure you are logged out of all email accounts, especially other gmail accounts. Once you have logged out of all email, clear the browsing history for the browser, and restart the browser.

How can I learn more? 

Go to to learn more about troubleshooting.

Student Help Desk Support (SHeD)

The student help desk is located on main campus in the Library (center building).

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