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Last Updated: July 19th, 2023

What is Google Meet and how do I use it?

Google Meet is a G Suite only application designed to be used for conference calls with up to 30 members, and also features a text-to-chat function. Lane Community College students and faculty both have access to Meet but can only use their LCC G Suite account to access the program, either on Desktop or iOS 10 or later.

This article outlines how to use Meet both on mobile and desktop. Below the link is a glossary of the sections contained in the article.

Link: https://Google Workspace for!/


  • 1 Start a video meeting
  • 1.1 Schedule a video meeting in Calendar
  • 1.2 Start a video meeting from your web browser
  • 1.3 Start a video meeting from your mobile device

  • 2 Join a video meeting
  • 2.1 Join from a calandar event
  • 2.2 Join from Meet
  • 2.3 Join with a meeting link URL
  • 2.4 Join with a meeting code
  • 2.5 Dial in from a phone

  • 3 Collaborate in video meetings
  • 3.1 Add and remove guests to video meetings in progress
  • 3.2 Add more guests to a Calendar event
  • 3.3 Send chat messages
  • 3.4 Present your screen
  • 3.5 Record a video meeting
  • 3.6 Mute a guest’s microphone

  • 4 Manage device settings
  • 4.1 Change your camera, speakers, and microphone
  • 4.2 Adjust your video quality
  • 4.3 Adjust your mobile camera

Student Help Desk Support (SHeD)

The student help desk is located on main campus in the Library (center building).

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