Using the Ally Accessibility Feature

Using Ally to automatically improve file accessibility in your Moodle course

Last Updated: May 31st, 2022

What is Ally?

Ally is a Moodle feature that assesses your course’s content for accessibility. It utilizes machine learning to parse your files and provide it in other formats (audio, braille, etc) and will report on anything it finds hard to read.

Enabling Ally in Your Course

Ally should be enabled by default for all credit courses. If it's not, follow the steps below.

  1. Click on the gear icon in the top-right of your course and select Filters.

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page, where Ally is located. Click Default (on) and switch it to On from the drop-down menu.Ally on the filter page changed to On. and Save Changes found at the bottom of the page.

  3. Save changes and return to your course.

Once Ally is enabled, give it a second to analyze your files. You should then see a meter next to all of your files indicating the level of accessibility that Ally detected. Green is good, red is bad. 

Accessibility score indicator gauge on a word document. 

Clicking on the meter will bring you to the document with the Ally score and suggestions for improvement on the left.

Ally score page with steps to improve the score and an upload drop box to upload the corrected file.If you need help with document conversion or have additional questions about Ally, please contact the ATC.

ATC Support & Hours of Operation

Weekday Support, Monday - Friday

The ATC is open to in-person assistance. Support is available through the above remote options and on campus at CEN 208

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