Using the OWL camera with Zoom

How to Use the Owl Camera with Zoom in Conference Rooms

Last Updated: May 31st, 2022

The Meeting Owl works well in small conference rooms where 4-8 people are sitting within a 12-foot diameter of the Owl device. Stand ups, design meetings and collaborative meetings are all great examples of when the Meeting Owl can help remote team members feel more included.

The image shows a diagram of the Owl Camera. From top to bottom, the labels show 360 degree lens, owl eyes, 360 degree mic array, 360 degree speaker, and control buttons.

  1. Connect the Meeting Owl to the power and plug in the USB into your computer or laptop.
  2. Log into your Zoom meeting.
  3. Also in the lower left hand corner of the meeting screen select the Video icon, and click on the upward arrow next to it.
  4. Make sure the video setting is set for the Owl camera.
  5. In the lower left corner of the meeting screen there is a microphone icon, select the upward arrow next to it.
  6. Make sure the microphone setting, speaker setting, are set for the Owl camera.


When you have the Owl camera on you will see a panorama view at the top showing a 360° view of the room. Below that on the bigger screen it will focus on whoever is speaking in the room automatically.

You can also download the app (but it is not necessary) and that will allow you to lock the focus of the camera. Links below for app download

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