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Last Updated: June 15th, 2022

Moodle Course Logs include documentation of all user-submitted comments, documents, responses, grades, etc. User Logs will also contain the most recent 90 days of student activity in the course. 

Course Logs are optionally included during a backup and restore and are typically included when courses are archived offline. Course logs cannot be transferred during an import. 

Exporting Course Logs

1) Go to Backup in the settings menu for your course.

The gear menu at the top right of the page and the Backup option 6 options down.

2) When backing up the old course, make sure Include enrolled users and Include course logs are both checked:
Back up options during the backup process has the Include Enrolled user and Include Course logs checked along with the rest of the course options.3) Continue with the backup and restore process as usual.

Export Course Logs as their own separate file: 

  1. To access student activity logs go to Settings and then click on the arrow to expand all options under Reports and then click on Logs.
  2. On the next screen, choose which logs you would like to download:

    Search logs drop down menus. Options include course, group, student, day, activity or resource, actions, sources, and events.On this screen you can choose an individual student, group, specific days or specific activities to download information for. In this example, we're getting the logs from the Monday/Wednesday group in this course, from Test Student Six, on 3/28/2019, for the first homework assignment. Downloading the files in Excel is recommended. 

  3. Click Get these logs.

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