Adding Video from a URL into a Moodle Resource

Build a Resource with a video URL and Text showing on the same page

Last Updated: July 13th, 2023

URL Resource, showing instructions/type

  1. Copy your URL of the video location.
  2. Under the Content drop-down select Choose a Link.
  3. Select URL Downloader on the left side of the screen that pops up and paste the URL you copied into the box in the middle of this screen.
  4. Click Download.

*A similar link should pop up in the External URL box now.

  1. Next select the drop down menu for Appearance.
  2. Set the display to Embed and select the box that says Display URL Description at the bottom of the drop down menu.
  3. Click Save and Display.

Did this not work and show a link such as this one, did the URL Downloader not even give you a video listed, or no video is visible after you saved your resource? Follow these steps.
Image of a URL that doesn't work

Example of URL that doesn't work.

Embedding the video by HTML

  1. Open your video in YouTube.
  2. Click Share under the video.Image of sample YouTube video showing the share option
  1. Click Embed and copy the link that is displayed in the box.
    Image of Embed option showing the link that is displayed in the box
  2. Go to you Moodle URL resource and in the text box click enter one or two times where you want the video.

  3. Click the HTML Editor in the Toolbar Toggle area (it is the two carrots side by side).
    Image of the HTML Editor in the Toolbar Toggle area.
  4. Look for <p></p> and paste the link you copied in between them as shown below.
    Image of the copied link in between <p> and </p>
  5. Click Update, and Save and display your resource.



Be sure you still have the bad URL in the External URL box. This won't show to students, the video you just entered will. This can also be done on the Page Resource and won't require any extra steps than just your description and the HTML editor steps, not including the URL.

Image of the YouTube video that was used as an example.

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