Creating Quizzes in Softchalk

Use Softchalk quizzes that also produce scores in the gradebook

Last Updated: May 31st, 2022

Creating a Quiz in Softchalk

You can create questions by clicking on Insert > QuizPopper and choosing the type of question you want: True/False, Multiple Choice, etc.

You will see the following 4 tabs: 

  • Q&A: Insert the question and the answer(s).
  • Feedback: Give feedback for correct and wrong answers. There is also an option to show the correct answer with feedback.
  • Hint: You can choose if you want to give a hint to the student for this question.
  • Options: Here you can choose how you want the question to open, as well as if the question will start hidden or show, and the amount of points. 

To upload to Moodle:

  1. Package the lesson by selecting File > Package Lesson > SCORM 1.2 Format This will create a "" in the folder that you saved the lesson to.
  2. Add a SCORM package in your Moodle course.
  3. Insert the in the Package File section.

For more information about creating Softchalk quizzes, view this video:

For more information about Softchalk Support, please visit this article: Softchalk Support 

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