Publishing Powerpoint Content using a Mac

Options for converting Powerpoint presentations for online viewing using the Mac OS platform

Last Updated: May 31st, 2022

Microsoft Office Powerpoint, is a tool used to present material in the form of a presentation, whether this be in the classroom, workshop, or business meeting. To allow for the initial viewers of this presentation to review the content again without the presenter, means publishing your presentation. There are several ways to do this starting from the very basic to the complex. Additionally, depending on what platform you are using (OS or Windows) will also determine how you save your presentations for a later time.

Instead of recreating the wheel, here are links to tutorials created by Microsoft Office.

  1. Learning Roadmap Guide to Powerpoint.
  2. Record a slideshow.
  3. Publish your slide show as a video to YouTube
  4. PowerPoint 2019 training courses, videos and tutorials

Option for Mac Users

Keynote by Apple can be much more efficient and user-friendly for the Mac User. The added benefit to using Keynote is that with one click, you can record narration, slide timings, play embedded audio and video as you are going through your presentation, and then export it as video for publishing. 

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