Important Google Form Settings for Event Registration

Ensure multiple attendees can register simultaneously in an incognito browser

Last Updated: January 24th, 2024


Check these Google From settings ✅

Use incognito mode in a browser and log out of any Google account. Multiple simultaneous users will not be able to fill the form correctly without these being configured properly. 


For Chromebooks

Make sure you log in to the Chromebook as “Guest” (do not sign in with a Google account). This option is available from the sign in screen at the bottom of the screen under “Browse as Guest”.


“Responses” settings:

  • Set “Collect email addresses” to “Do not collect”
  • Disable “Allow response editing”
  • Under “Requires Sign In”:
    • Disable "Restrict to users in Lane Community College and its trusted organizations.
    • Disable “Limit to 1 response”.

“Presentation” settings:

  • Under “After Submission”:
    • Enable “Show link to submit another response”.
    • Disable “view results summary”
  • Under “Restrictions”:
  • Enable “Disable autosave for all respondents”, this will allow multiple people to fill out the form at the same time.
Presentations Settings

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