Changing Roles in Moodle

Switching between roles between teacher or student

Last Updated: June 20th, 2022

A useful tip for troubleshooting problems within Moodle is to change roles within the course. Teachers and Managers have the option of logging in as a generic student or other roles.

1) Click on the administration menu next to your name in the top right-hand corner. Click on Switch role to...

2) It will take you to a new page where you can select the roles that you want.

The image shows the role switching menu. The options are listed below.

Non-editing Teacher Role: 
Non-editing teachers are allowed to view/grade student’s work, but CANNOT alter/delete any activities or resources you have created for your course. If you have groups in your course, you can make it so the Non-editing teacher is solely responsible for one particular group and won’t need access to other groups.

Course Reviewer Role: Participant is allowed to review the course, but CANNOT participate within activities (i.e. forum posts, quiz attempts, etc.) or see grades (individual or through the grade book.) Course Reviewer can see items that you currently have hidden from students, though.

Student Role: By switching to this role, you will only be able to see what your students can see. This is includes their grades (they won’t be able to see anyone else’s grades,) or anything you have hidden from students.

Guest Role: The Guest Role enables a person to only have the rights to read the course.

They CANNOT do any of the following

  • Post in Forums
  • Edit wiki pages
  • Participates in chat’s
  • Take any quizzes you may have
  • Submit assignments
  • Add glossary/database activity entries or comments
  • Receive any grades

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