Troubleshooting Moodle Gradebook

Common problems with the Moodle gradebook

Last Updated: May 31st, 2022

A foreword on weighted grades:

Whenever weights are applied to scores, the scores are first normalized before the weights are applied. Normalization means that the raw score is converted into a ratio between 0.0 and 1.0. For example, a score of “18 out of 20” is normalized as 18/20 = 0.9, while a score of “50 out of 100” is normalized as 50/100 = 0.5. This means that “18 out of 20” is a higher score than “50 out of 100” even though the raw score of 50 is higher numerically than the raw score of 18. In other words, the points are converted to percentages FIRST which then are multiplied by the weight.

It is recommended to use Natural or Weighted aggregation rather than Simple Weighted. Make sure all categories are set to Natural.

If Simple weighted mean was used with category totals that specified weights, put those weights in the WEIGHT column under the Natural aggregation strategy.

If Simple weighted mean was used with category totals set to 100, change it to Natural, and check Exclude empty grades.

Help! My gradebook doesn’t add up right.

  • Verify all of your overridden grades are intentional adjustments of the grades. If you see amber highlights on any category or course total, it means the totals have been overridden. Overridden grades will not calculate or update.
  • Verify that no grades or grade categories are locked. Locked grades will not post or aggregate.
  • When using Natural grading, the gradebook will automatically calculate weights, so only change them manually if you want specific category weights. Look for check marks in subcategories and items, this indicates that the weight was manually changed.
  • Categories or items with weights of "0" will not be included in the total. This should only be done deliberately.
  • If a category is to be used only for extra credit activities, make sure the category is marked as extra credit and NOT the assignments, or the grade will not be calculated correctly.
  • If using the Drop the lowest category item, each item in the category must have the same score size.

Help! My students can’t see an item in the gradebook.

Check the Course.

  • Ensure the activity (if it is an activity) is not hidden in the course. This is indicated by greyed-out text compared to other visible items.

Check the Gradebook.

  • Ensure the item is not hidden. This is indicated by greyed-out text compared to other visible items. 
  • Ensure the item is not locked.

Help! A student can’t view his grades for an assignment.

Go to the gradebook. Open the Grader report, turn editing on, and find the student with the hidden grade. Locate the assignment they can not see: if there is a closed or crossed-out eye next to their score, click on it to unhide. This may need to be repeated for multiple students; sometimes random student grades will be marked as hidden. This is an uncommon glitch. If this does not work contact the Academic Technology Center for help.



Gradebooks with hidden items may have different course totals when viewing as the student vs the instructor.

The only workaround is to delete and unhide any hidden items. Make sure the gradebook is set to exclude empty grades.

Once hidden items are removed, then the gradebook course total will match and be accurate. An Instructors view is accurate - the students view is not because it is factoring in all the hidden items.

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