Key Concepts FAQ for New Faculty

Basic information you need to know as a new faculty member

Last Updated: June 22nd, 2023

Account Management

  • Each faculty member is assigned three main forms of identification used to log into sites and services supported by LCC.
  • Certain logins are grouped together and use the same passwords:
    • L number-based logins and G Suite share a synchronized password:
    • Network-based logins:
      • College Windows Workstations 
      • Network file storage - Filr

Course Management

  • Course sections are created and assigned to instructors by academic departments in ExpressLane. Students register for these sections in ExpressLane.
  • Sections are imported from ExpressLane to Moodle, along with teacher assignments and student registration.
  • These sections are set up as empty shells. Each term, if you want to use Moodle, you need to import course content into your Moodle shell and make the section visible to students.



  • Moodle is the learning management system (LMS) supported by Lane Community College.
  • Students want Moodle! A simple, well-organized Moodle course is beneficial to your students' learning.
  • Be prepared and learn about our processes around a Moodle courses timeline at our help article for Instructor Moodle Course FAQ.
  • Self-help articles about Moodle can be found in the knowledgebase.
  • You don’t need to be a Moodle expert; the ATC is here to help.


  • ExpressLane and Moodle have current class rosters and email addresses, so it is easy to communicate with your students.
  • To quickly message your entire class, use the announcement tool in Moodle or ExpressLane.
  • To email one or more students from your class, use the mail tool in Moodle or ExpressLane.


  • All LCC faculty and students have access to G Suite for education allowing for easy sharing and collaboration.
  • Zoom is a video conferencing platform supported by Lane Community College.
  • Your department may have one or more folders on our network that you will be asked to use.

File Management

  • LCC faculty and students get access to a large amount of storage with G Drive, an application of G suite for Education, to store files and access them anywhere.
  • Additionally, you can use network storage to store your files on your campus computer and access them later off campus using Filr.


  • The Moodle Gradebook automatically allows students to view (only) their own grades at any time, as you grade their work.
  • The Moodle Gradebook is preconfigured to provide a %-based course grade based on items graded to date, so you only need to add graded activities to your course to use it.
  • If you want to customize your Moodle gradebook, please let the ATC help you set it up.
  • Final grades are submitted in ExpressLane.

Classrooms & A/V Equipment

Calendars & Dates

Keeping track of dates is important for you and your students.

Support - Help is Available!

ATC Support & Hours of Operation

Weekday Support, Monday - Friday

The ATC is open to in-person assistance. Support is available through the above remote options and on campus at CEN 208

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