Creating Quizzes using Moodle

Quiz Building using Moodle's Quiz Activity

Last Updated: July 24th, 2023

Create a Quiz in Moodle

Quizzes in Moodle can be divided into two parts: 

  • The activity - will be visible in your Moodle course (unless you choose to Hide it)
  • The questions - can be created before or after you create your quiz activity if you are using a question bank (strongly recommended)

Note: Your quiz will be much easier to create and work on if you use a question bank. Please see our knowledgebase article: How To Create Moodle Question Banks.

Add a Quiz Activity to your Course

To add a quiz activity to your course:

  1. Turn editing on
  2. Select Add an activity or resource in your course
  3. Select Quiz and you will be redirected to the Editing Quiz page where you must name the quiz and click one of the blue save buttons at the bottom of the page.

Choose your Quiz Settings

You can configure your settings at any point. To access quiz settings, turn editing on, navigate to the quiz, and click Settings

  1. Enter a general description if desired.
  2. Configure the following attributes:
    • Timing (dates the quiz are open, time limits, etc)
    • Layout (pagination, random/non-random question order, navigation method)
    • Feedback settings and review options
    • Restrictions (password, delays between attempts, prerequisites for taking quiz, the required network address if students are taking a proctored exam in a testing center)
  3. Save changes.

After you have created the quiz and saved the settings, add questions. 

Setting Up Review Options

View this PDF for what the different review options are and what they will show: Quiz Review Options

Adding Quiz Questions to a Quiz

  1. Click on the quiz on your course homepage. Click Questions.
    The image shows the Add dropdown, there are three options for new questions. New question. From question bank, and a random question
  2. Choose whether to add the question(s) to the quiz as a new question, from a question bank, or a random question from a question bank
    Note: We highly recommend that you use a question bank for any quiz activity. Question banks are a great way to organize questions. To learn more about using question banks please read our knowledgebase article: How To Create Moodle Question Banks
  3. Choose the question(s) you want to add to the quiz

Once you have added questions to the quiz, you can preview the quiz by clicking on the quiz link from your course's home page and clicking the Preview quiz now button.

Other resources on creating quiz activities:

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