How to Get a Transcript For Your Videos With Kaltura in Moodle

Learn how to quickly and easily create transcripts for your videos with Kaltura in Moodle 4.0.

Last Updated: August 29th, 2023

Description: This article can assist in re-adding a searchable transcript when transferring content from Zoom to Kaltura for long-term storage and use in classes.

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How to Get Machine Captioning on Your Videos on Kaltura in Moodle

When transferring video and audio recordings from Zoom to Kaltura, the transcript does not come with the video by default. Once the video is moved to Kaltura inside of Moodle you can quickly get machine captioning ordered to get the transcript re-made.

Before continuing the videos need to first be moved and published to Kaltura. If you haven’t already done this check out our article on transferring zoom cloud recording content over to Moodle using Kaltura! 


Please Note about Accessibility and Accommodation

While machine captioning is not completely accurate or accessible and does not meet the standards for an accommodation request, it can be really useful still for the general learner. Putting the videos into Kaltura then sharing them in Moodle also makes requesting paid accurate captions for accommodations quick and easy if ever needed!

If you have an accommodation request please reach out to ATC and fill out our video captioning request form.

Requesting Machine Captioning via My Media in Moodle 

  1. Log into Moodle and choose the "My Media" option at the top of the page.
  2. Click on the video name you want to request machine captioning on.The video names are listed in the center of the page to the right of each thumbnail in the content list area.
  3. Directly below the video click "Actions" and select "Caption + Enrich".
    The Action Menu displaying the Caption and Enrich button below the video and after the back button.
  4. Scroll down and confirm you have these items selected in the three dropdowns:
    • Service - Machine
    • Source Media Language - English
    • Feature - Captions
  5. Click "Submit" just below these options.
    The Order caption page with drops downs asking for service, source media language, and feature.

When you return to the “Caption + Enrich” page you can see the status of the machine captioning. Once it is complete it will automatically be made available to students anywhere where the video is embedded via Kaltura or added to the Kaltura video resource module!

 Existin requests shows pending after submitting the request and a confirmation message saying your request has been received. 

What does this look like to the students?

These captions will be searchable similar to zoom's searchable transcript which students can download, print, or scroll through with the Show button.

Embedded Kaltura video with the machine captioning finished allowing students to search(magnifying glass), download(down arrow), print(printer icon), and scroll through (show with a down arrow) with the controls below the video..

How to modify your own transcript and captions.

Finally, if you wish to, you can edit the machine captioning to make it more accurate after it's generated! This way you can quickly fix specific words or fix the accuracy by watching the video and comparing the machine captioning.

For further help, click on Live Help, leave a ticket, or contact:

Academic Technology Center

(541) 463-3377

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