How to import a course

Transferring content from one course to another can be done through a simple process called importing.

Last Updated: June 20th, 2022

You can import an entire course or you can choose individual activities and resources. (You do not need to create a backup of the original course for this function.) 

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To import a course:

In your new/current course, click the gear icon and then click Import.

Find and select the course that contains the data you wish to retrieve. Searching by CRN is recommended.

*Note: You may only import elements from courses in which you are enrolled as an editing teacher.

Click Jump to final step


Click Continue.

Consult the Course Import Checklist and review your course carefully; imports always require clean-up. 

Import Specific Items to Another Course

Start by navigating to the course where you want the item to go (i.e. the location where you are trying to import materials into).

  1. Click “Import” under the gear menu.
  2. In the list, select the course where the item is that you want. > Then click continue.
  3. Uncheck everything except “Include Activities and Resources” UNLESS what you want to import is a QUIZ. If that’s the case, also check “Include question Bank”. > Click NEXT.
  4. Uncheck anything you don’t want imported. HINT: If you only want to import 1 item, click the “Select None) then just check the one item you want.
  5. Click next, review, and finish.

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