List All Forum Posts For a Single Student

Learn how to grade forums faster by being able to view all of the posts a single student posted.

Last Updated: July 24th, 2023

Method 1: Viewing by individual user 

Be sure to be logged in and in your course. Follow these steps:

  1. View the Participants in your course using the Participants tab at the top of your course page.
    The Participants tab at the top of your course page.
  2. Select a user's profile.
  3. Select Forum posts or Forum discussions under the Miscellaneous box at the right of the center of the screen to view them.
    Here you will see all of the posts or discussions the students have contributed to.

Image of Test Student Four shown with forum posts and forum discussions options highlighted on the right side of the screen.Method 2: Advanced Search

The Advanced Search function allows for looking for specific keywords, searching by date, and many other operators - but it can also be used to find a single student's posts in any given discussion.

To access the Advanced Search tool, navigate to the forum you would like to search. Then, click 'search forum' with the search bar blank.

Image of empty forum search bar selected within a sample discussion forum.You will then be taken to a screen with multiple options. To search for all of the posts by a specific user, type their name into the This name much match the author field, then click Search forums at the bottom of the page.Image of multiple options shown after hitting the search button.  The option, This name should match the author with Test Student Four as the author is highlighted.



If you would like to search in a different forum, select it under the Choose which forums to search setting.

The following screen will display all of the user's posts inside of the discussion.Forums with Joe Test as the author.

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