How to Self-Enroll into a Moodle Course

Self enrolling into moodle course

Last Updated: May 31st, 2022

1.Login to Moodle: Use your L-Number and your password. This will be the same combination used to access myLane.

The image shows the login box for Moodle, there are input boxes for L-number and passphrase, a check box for the "remember password" option, and a login button. Below is a link for lost passphrase.  2. Open the Course: Open the course by clicking on the course name. If you need to find the course, find the "Search courses:" section below the My Courses list.

Search for the course using the CRN of the class, a portion of the class name, or the instructor's last name (if applicable).The image shows the search courses bar. There is an input box for the CRN of the class, and a button labeled "Go".

3. Navigate to The Gear Icon: Find the gear icon in the top right corner, open it up, and click "Enroll me in this course."The image shows a gear icon, with an open menu below it. The menu contains a link labeled "Enroll me in this course"

4. Alternative enrollment method: If the gear option above does not work, navigate to the bottom of the page. To enroll into the course, simply click the “Enroll me” button as shown below. In example 1 below there is no enrollment key.

If an Enrollment key is required, like example 2, make sure you have received one from your instructor.

The image shows two options for self enrollment. One reads "No enrolment key required," the other reads "enrolment key" and contains an input box for an enrollment key. You will now be able to access the course.

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