Teaching in Enhanced Classrooms with Apple Tech

How to combine iPads with the Enhanced Classroom experience

Last Updated: May 31st, 2022

Did you know that you can display the contents of your ipad or other mobile device through the enhanced classroom projectors?

If you teach often in Enhanced classrooms and frequently use Apple Devices, you may want to consider checking out equipment from the Academic Technology Center (ATC) to bring another element to your presentation. Currently, the ATC has Apple TV's and iPads available for checkout. 

Here is a short Pro and Con list for each option:

Wired Connection

  • Pros: Easy to set up, very fast
  • Cons: Cord length can be a hindrance. Won't be able to travel around room.

Wireless Connection (Apple TV)

  • Pros: Free to move around, much smoother presentation
  • Cons: Need to make sure it works ahead of time, slower

Directions for set up:

  1. Enable Home Sharing:
  2. Settings>Music>Home Sharing>On
  3. Settings>Videos>Home Sharing>On
  4. AirPlay/Mirroring (To sync iPad w/Apple TV):
  5. Double-click Home Button and swipe Task Bar to the right to set AirPlay and Mirroring

Links to Apple TV tutorials and guides: 

Checkout procedure: 

  1. Contact the ATC
  2. Provide your name and L#
  3. Let us know the date you would like to pick it up. 

As a side note, the ATC only has two Apple TV's available.

ATC Support & Hours of Operation

Weekday Support, Monday - Friday

The ATC is open to in-person assistance. Support is available through the above remote options and on campus at CEN 208

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