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General Moodle Course and Instructor FAQ

Last Updated: June 22nd, 2023

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Moodle course timeline

  • Course shells for the upcoming term are typically created and made available to instructors ~week 6 of the current term. Two messages are posted in the instructor support forum and emailed each term. Student enrollments begin syncing with our student information system (SIS/Banner) 1-week prior to the start of the term. 
    • Note: Winter and Summer breaks can effect the roll out schedule as can holidays.
  • If you want to start work on your Moodle courses you can request a development shell at any time. When your official course(s) become available, you can import the content of your development shell into your course. 
  • Once enrollment is set they are not removed (unless dropped) from courses for 1 academic year. Instructors can request enrollments be reviewed/removed at any time. 
  • Official enrollments for credit classes are required to be made through ExpressLane/Banner — our main source for student records. Students who are enrolled manually‍ may not earn the credits they deserve and do not have the option to properly drop the course if they do not use ExpressLane/Banner to Register. Additionally, manually enrolled students may not meet college requirements such as vaccination status or balance due holds. Contact Enrollment Services for Assistance
  • Once the term has ended, you will have two weeks to make changes before an official snapshot of the course is backed up (Offline Archives) for official records.‍ 
    • Any further work on your courses after the two-week mark at the end of term will not be included in the backup file.
    • Either work on your new course CRN with the imported old course, OR get a development shell with the restored backup in it!
    • You will still be able to access the course, but the edits will not be saved in the backup.
  • All previous courses will be hidden by a Moodle admin on the first day of the new term unless you have requested that it stays open. To do this, email

For more information about the beginning and end of term procedures, see this article: Course Start and End of Term Procedures

How do I get access to my Moodle course for the class I’m teaching?

You will have access to your course for the next term with the generated CRN from Banner by Week 7 of the current term. If you want to work on building your course prior to this, email the ATC and request a development shell to work on and later import into your CRN.

It’s the beginning of the term and my students can’t see the course.

They are automatically enrolled but you still need to make your course visible. This article explains how this is done.

What are Metacourses?

You can combine two CRNs/sections of the same course to increase collaboration and facilitate organization. Learn more about metacourses here.

If you would like to create a Metacourse you can fill out our online form or email Please include all CRNs, the name of the course, and any relevant details about your request.

Moodle shells for admin and team sites

Moodle shells can be created to facilitate collaboration and information sharing with other faculty in your department or team. With a shell, you can build course materials with other faculty members that you can eventually import into your own courses. Email and describe the shell you need.

Student access after the end of the term

Courses are hidden from students after the end of the term. If you need to grant students access to previous courses, or if you need to give a student an incomplete, contact the ATC. 

Retrieving/viewing previous students' work and grades

All courses are hidden after the end of term, but students are still enrolled until the courses are archived. You have access to student work and grades for one academic year of previous courses. After this, you will need to request to retrieve the course and its records from the archives. See this article for more information: Moodle: Archived Courses.

If you would like all of your students or specific ones to be unenrolled from your course you may request for this to be done at any time.

How to enroll in Moodle training courses

You can reach all of the available Moodle training courses for faculty here. Click on the links in the article to navigate to the desired course in Moodle. Log into Moodle and enroll yourself in the course. You will be able to access it anytime. 

ATC Support & Hours of Operation

Weekday Support, Monday - Friday

The ATC is open to in-person assistance. Support is available through the above remote options and on campus at CEN 208

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