Quiz Tips 'n Tricks

A list of tips and tricks for taking quizzes on Moodle

Last Updated: May 31st, 2022

To ensure that your quiz-taking experience on Moodle goes as smoothly as possible, please read these tips:

  • Save Your Work Frequently
    • It is a good idea to save your work frequently as you take a quiz on Moodle in case of a malfunction.
    • After answering 5 or so questions on a quiz, click Next at the bottom of the screen until you see "Finish Attempt" instead of "Next".
    • On the next screen, click Return to Attempt to resume your quiz.
      • This will ensure that your work throughout the quiz is saved within Moodle.
    • If something goes wrong, you will be able to log back into Moodle and resume your attempt.
  • If Your Quiz Won't Submit, Be Patient-
    • If Moodle is taking forever to submit your quiz after you have clicked Submit all and finish, be patient and wait.
    • More than likely, your submission will go through.
    • If time is crucial and Moodle absolutely refuses to submit your quiz, it may be a good idea to click Reload on your browser and redo any questions that weren't saved.
    • If you do choose to hit Reload, consider how much time it will take to redo any unsaved questions - a couple of multiple choice/true-or-false questions won't take much time, but an essay question will be difficult to answer again.
  • Short Answer Questions May Be Case-Sensitive-
    • Accuracy in capitalization may be required in some short answer questions, depending on your instructor.
    • Moodle may only recognize answers with proper capitalization as correct - for example, Moodle might recognize "Lane Community College" as the only correct answer (at an Instructor's discretion), meaning "lane community college" would be considered incorrect.
  • Format Essay Questions Within Moodle's Text Editor-
    • If your instructor deems proper formatting to be important for essay questions, please write and format your essay within Moodle's text editor.
    • Writing your essay first in Microsoft Word, then copying your essay to Moodle can cause your essay's formatting to change.
  • Set Aside Some Time for Quiz-
    • Taking a quiz an hour before it is due is not recommended.
    • Set aside some time beforehand so you won't have to rush.
    • Your instructor may have set their quizzes to submit automatically when time has run out, meaning any questions you weren't able to answer will be incorrect.
    • You may have to submit your quiz before time runs out, or none of your answers will be counted.
  • Passwords
    • If your quiz requires a password, it may be obtainied through your instructor.
  • Be Prepared - Study beforehand, read the questions & answers carefully, eliminate incorrect answers for multiple choice questions, and double-check to make sure you haven't made any errors.

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