Add McGraw-Hill Publisher Tools

A guide to adding McGraw-Hill resources to your class

Last Updated: July 7th, 2022

To add resources and or pair your McGraw-Hill publisher content to your course:

Continue to utilize the old (legacy) McGraw Hill Moodle Block and course pairing process:

  1. Click on the gear and Turn editing on.
  2. Click on Add an activity or resource.
  3. Select External tool.
  4. Enter an activity name.
  5. Enter the Launch URL.
  6. If necessary, click Show more... to enter the consumer key and secret provided by McGraw-Hill. 
  7. Click Save and return to course.

If you would like or if it is beyond Winter 2023 (the old integration is disabled), follow these steps for the new integration:

ATC Support & Hours of Operation

Weekday Support, Monday - Friday

The ATC is open to in-person assistance. Support is available through the above remote options and on campus at CEN 208

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