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Overview of Moodle assignment settings

Last Updated: July 13th, 2023

The assignment activity provides a space that students can submit work into, much like a dropbox or folder that students turn papers into. It can also be used to remind students of real-world assignments they need to finish offline, and therefore not require any digital submissions.

Adding an Assignment

  1. Go to the course where you want the assignment.
  2. Turn Editing On by clicking on the toggle in the top-right corner of your course.
  3. Navigate to the section you would like to add the assignment to, and click Add an activity or resource.
  4. From the Activity Chooser, select the 'assignment' button and click Add.

Submission settings

  • Additional files: Attach files to the assignment as resources. Students will see the link at the bottom of the assignment description.
  • Online text: If enabled, then the student is able to type a text submission directly into Moodle.
  • File submissions: Allows you to alter the amount of files that students may submit, as well as filetypes.
  • Maximum number of uploaded files: If file submissions are enabled, then students are able to submit files up to the number specified.
  • Maximum submission size: Self-explanatory -- the maximum filesize for a submission.
  • Submission comments: If enabled, students can leave comments on their own submission.

Note: To create Offline Assignments (creates an activity in the grade book) you will have no submission settings on (Online text and File Submissions).

Feedback settings

  • Feedback comments: If set to Yes, the instructor can leave comments on each students submission, which appear on the assignment grading screen.
  • Feedback files: If set to Yes, instructors are able to upload files for students. These may be student files with marking for feedback or review.


  • Grade: The maximum grade value for this activity that a student can receive.
  • Grading method: (Optional) The advanced grading method associated with the assignment.
  • Grade category: Setting this will group this activity's grade in the grade book with other activities in the same category, allowing for category calculations.

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