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How to make 0 point assignments and quizzes

Last Updated: June 26th, 2023

How to Make a Zero Point Activity

Zero point activities can be very useful and is easy to accomplish. 

  • Click on Add an activity or resource and select Assignment.
  • Under the Grade section of the settings, there should be a section for you to input the maximum grade. 
  • Enter 0.
  • Finish adjusting settings and save changes.

How to Make a Zero Point Quiz

Sometimes you need to allow your students to practice a quiz. Giving them a zero pressure quiz can help. You can achieve this very similarly to making a zero point activity. 

  • Click on Add an activity or resource and select Quiz.
  • After the quiz has been created and the settings generated, click Save and display.
  • Once you're back on the quiz, click the gear. Then click Edit quiz
  • In the top right, next to Maximum grade, enter 0.
  • Save changes.

Another option is to assign a 0% weight to an assignment or quiz you do not wish to be graded. This is helpful if you want students to receive a score but do not wish for it to affect their grades. (i.e. a practice quiz)

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