Resolve Never Submitted Quiz Attempts

How to resolve an issue where a student never submitted a quiz

Last Updated: May 31st, 2022

If you don't want the student to retake the entire quiz:

  1. Go to the quiz and select edit settings.
  2. Under timing: Set the close date so that it is after the current day.
  3. Set When times expires to There is a grace period...
  4. Image of timing drop down with close the quiz and when time expires options highlighted.
  5. Under grade: set Attempts allowed to Unlimited.
  6. Image of Grade option with attempts allowed set to unlimited.
  7. Under question behavior: Set Each attempt builds on last to Yes.
  8. Image of question behavior option with each attempt builds on the last set to yes.
  9. Invite students who did not submit quiz to do so.
  10. Allow them to start a new attempt, and close it immediately after.


The most recent attempt MUST be the one with the saved answers.

If the student didn't finish on time, and you still want to grade the non-submitted quiz:

  1. Go to the quiz. Click the gear and then Edit settings.
  2. Under timing: Make sure When time expires is set to Open attempts are submitted automatically.
  3. Image of timing drop down with when time expires option set to open attempts are submitted automatically.
  4. Quiz will go into gradebook after time expires regardless if it was submitted or not.

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